Title : Transmission Lighting

Material : Borosilicate Glass, Mable, Stainless steel


Photograph by Parkyoon

Collaboration with Total Marble

BEFORMATIVE collaborated with TOTALMARBLE as part of the CRAFT KIOSK exhibition and conducted research on sustainable designs with supplies of recycled marble. 

Since it is difficult to re-process marble blocks (which are damaged by impact during transport and processing) and small fragments after processing, they are mostly thrown away, causing huge costs and environmental problems. 

We reflected the random shapes of broken marble and natural cracks into our work as design elements and designed lighting and paperweight by combining broken marble with glass. 

Transmission Lighting is characterized by its changing brightness and colors based on the color and transparency of glass. The broken marble, used as a support, is characterized by the subtle manifestation of shadows and surface patterns through the cracks. In addition, we can observe the various shapes and forms beneath the properties of matter, caused by penetration and reflection of light as it passes through glass.

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