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Hangeul Balancer

Wooden Roly-Poly


Hangeul Balancer is a roly-poly item designed with the geometric elements of Hangeul (circle, vertical line, horizontal line, diagonal line) as a motif.

It is characterized by the three-dimensional composition of the consonants ᄎ(ch, “chieut”),

ᄑ(p, “pieup”), ᄒ (h, “hieut”) that have a sense of balance and symmetrical structure. The product was designed so that people can enjoy the excellent sculpture-like beauty of Hangeul in your daily life.


Stitching Basket



'stitching basket' is multi-purpose basket made of 100% plastic recyclable fabric. It is characteried by atypical shapes and stitches with DDP architecture as a motif and has flexible properties so that it doesn't break or isn't fragile.In addition, since the fabric has a waterproof function and is strong against contamination, It is good to store various items such as small items, paper, fruits, and accessories inside. It is even safe for children and pets.

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