Title : Piece Furniture

Category : Furniture

Material : Wood, Felt, Stone, Brass, Acrylic, Aluminum, Glass


Graduation Project

Photograph by Park Yoon

Piece Furniture is not only a picture consists of several pieces, but also furniture. There are 3 series of them and each of them are using Mountain, Sea, and City as a design motif. You can make furniture by assembling the pieces of graphic elements that matches with theme of series. If you take them into pieces and put into the frame, you can use it as a picture.

We designed Piece Furniture by reinterpreting the relationship between graphic and product using the frame as a medium. Each furniture made by pieces has its unique structure. Great and small spaces are formed when you assemble the pieces, and you can use it as furniture as well as an objet. 

City was made of brass and acrylic, Sea was made of aluminum and glass, and Mountain was made of wood, stone, and felt. I tried to indicate the characteristics of each motives by combining various materials together.

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