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'be formative' is a design studio based in Seoul, South Korea, founded by designers Yejin Kim and Kiyong Lee in 2020 after their team activity at 'Craft Combine'. The studio conducts design in multiple areas such as product, lighting, furniture, and space at the contact point of industry and craft.

Both designers graduated together from the 'Design & Arts - Product Design' at Hongik University in 2017. Also, Yejin Kim finished a dual major in 'Textile Art Fashion Design', and Kiyong Lee completed 'Korea Design Membership 5th' program in 2015 and he obtained a Master's degree In 'ECAL Design For Luxury & Craftsmanship' in 2023.

'be formative' dives into the design by exploring the forms and stories of objects. Everyday life and traditions are our inspiration. Also, Our designs are based on deep knowledge and passion for how things are made and craftsmanship. 

We team up with various brands, taking design projects from ideas to reality. Our design language grows as we talk to clients, makers, and partners. If you want to project and collaborate, Please contact us by e-mail(

Member of be formative

Kiyong Lee / Design Director

Yejin Kim / Designer

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